Trans Power Renews their Streetlight Maintenance Contract With The City of Whitby

Trans Power has renewed their streetlight maintenance contract with The City of Whitby for another three years. This renewal was made possible because of the superior level of Service, quality and collaboration between Trans Power and the Whitby Hydro Partnership. Trans Power commitment Trust, superior workmanship, time sensitive response and customer service has provided the traction to build upon their long standing partnership with Whitby Hydro and the Town of Whitby.

Noting Trans Power’s extensive background, strong utility partnerships, structured management methodology and a track record of innovation, Trans Power is uniquely qualified to carry out the services sought after by the Town of Whitby.

The value of the relationship with Trans Power is brought forward to the Town of Whitby because of the long standing Partnership between Trans Power and Whitby Hydro. A decade into their partnership, Trans Power, through their Work Management Center, continues to provide turn-key electrical installations for new residential subdivisions while delivering exceptional customer service, cost effectively, to ensure on-time completion of all projects.